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Aluminum Castings

Aluminum Castings
Aluminum Castings Aluminum Castings Aluminum Castings


  1. The receivers made with a welded joint at the crown are more expensive.

  2. The new upset forged receiver has an inside con-cavity at the crown that accumulates water leading to corrosion.

  3. The patented receiver made by Incast Inc. has a substantially conical surface at an acute angle of 3 degrees to the axis of the tube. This prevents accumulation of water at the crown. The peripheral crown formation is substantially thicker than the tube wall thickness. Crown formation is gently curved outside compared to abrupt angles.

  4. The receiver is made of seamless drawn 1020 steel. This has several advantages

    A. The corner radii can be controlled to customer's specification to facilitate the use of different "Ball Mount" configurations made by different manufacturers.

    B. The inner diameter can be controlled to 2.028" to 2.048". This reduces rattling noise unlike receivers made by competition with ID up to 2.085".

    C. The Tensile and Yield strengths are substantially higher than ASTM 500 Gr. B.

    D. There is no weld cut seam. inside is smooth looking.

  5. The forged receiver tubes are limited in lengths up to 18". Higher sizes are made by welded crown joints in the old fashion. "Incast Receivers" are not limited in length. We can go up to 48"or more.

  6. Customer's name could be prominently displayed on the Receiver's Crown Face in raised letters

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